Ideas for Designing a Coastal Living Room

Whether you live on the coast or simply aspire to, we believe a little coastal interior design is the perfect way to bring the breeziness and tranquility of the ocean into your home. In this blog post, we'll help you learn all about the coastal interior design style and share our favorite West Coast-inspired furniture to help you deck out your living room.

What is the Coastal Interior Design Style?

When you think of the West Coast, you probably think of warm, sandy beaches; fresh, cool ocean waves; and the easy, “hang loose” lifestyle. We do too! And the coastal interior design style is perfect for bringing this inspiration into your home furniture and decor.

Coastal furniture is characterized by:

  • Soft, breezy colors that reflect the blues, greens, and sandy tones of the beach
  • Natural, airy materials such as linen, driftwood, and billowy fabrics
  • Silhouettes that help a space feel open and light

One thing to remember? House Beautiful reminds us that, “Coastal Is Not The Same Thing As Nautical. … The key is to stay away from anything too cliched.” In other words, avoid hanging anchors and sailor hats on the wall and focus instead on the relaxed spirit and soul of beach living. Keep reading to learn about our favorite coastal pieces sourced from local Bay Area furniture stores.


Coastal Sofas in the Bay Area

You can visit our Sofa Creations showrooms in San Francisco and San Rafael to get inspiration for your coastal interior design, or we can design a completely custom piece for your home. Here are some of our favorite sofas and sectionals inspired by coastal design:

  • Angela Sectional — This attractive sectional offers all the room you need to enjoy time with your loved ones without looking heavy or oversized.
  • Austin Sofa — The Austin sofa has a timeless silhouette that will never go out of style, with rolled armrests, thick seams, and overstuffed cushions for plenty of comfort.
  • Carson Chaise Sectional — The cushy Carson sectional makes you feel like you’re floating on a cozy ocean breeze with soft cushions and a strong frame.
  • Chandler Sofa — Sink right into the Chandler’s welcoming seat with angled arms, playfully curved legs, and a rounded back.
  • Dayton Sofa — The Dayton is chic and understated with narrow arms, comfortable cushions, and slim legs.
  • Easton L-Shape Sectional — The Easton sectional has a unique, playful shape with narrow legs to let plenty of light pass through your room.
  • Guerro Mid Century Sofa — This mid-century modern sofa has a natural wood base, angular legs, and a curved silhouette to give your living room an easy, breezy feeling.
  • Lakewood Chaise Sectional — This relaxed sectional feels like it was made to be in a beach home with a natural wood base, narrow legs, and comfy, tufted cushions.
  • Ollini Chaise Sectional — This sleek sectional has thick seams, a clean silhouette, and plush cushions for the perfect lazy beach day.
  • Reagan Sofa — This fashionable sofa has thick, angled arms, slim legs, and double cushions to maximize your comfort.

We personalize every sofa, sleeper, and sectional for each individual customer, so we can customize any of these pieces according to your preferred colors, dimensions, and style.

Keep reading to learn about some of our favorite local home goods stories that have even more designs you’ll love!

Where to Find Coastal Furniture in the Bay Area

Whether you need to deck out your living room, bedroom, or another room in your home with coastal pieces, we must recommend the following locally-sourced items:

  • Teak Outdoor Bar Cart from Hudson Grace in San Francisco — Teak wood is a staple for coastal interior design, and we love this casual outdoor bar cart.
  • Hermosa Rattan Arm Chair from Hudson Grace in San Francisco — Made with natural rattan, this arm chair is soothing for anyone who sits in it.
  • Rattan Coffee Table from Anthem in San Francisco — The natural look of this woven rattan coffee table complements any coastal, outdoors-inspired home.
  • Wool and Silk Rug from S16 Home in San Francisco — The powder and navy blue hues in this soft rug evoke a feeling of peace that you could only find on the West Coast.
  • Scallop Console from Anyon Atelier in the Bay Area — Made with handwoven wicker, this console brings a beachy vibe to any interior or exterior living space.
  • Glass Stool from March in San Francisco — This gorgeous stool can be used for extra seating, as a side table, or even turned upside as a vase.


Where to Find Coastal Home Accessories in the Bay Area

Need to decorate your room with a few more accessories and home goods? Check out our favorite coastal pieces from local Bay Area stores:

  • Bud Vase from Heath Ceramics in the Bay Area — The naturally blue tones of this vase help it to fit right into any beachfront cottage.
  • Float Modern Hurricanes Lamps from Heath Ceramics in the Bay Area — With neutral grey, blue, and white lamps, your living room will feel beachy and light.
  • Cebu Tray from Hudson Grace in San Francisco — Made with handwoven rattan, this tray is perfect for serving drinks or organizing your coffee table.
  • Riviera Table Lamp from Anthem in San Francisco — Inspired by paper maché, this white aluminum lamp looks natural and beautiful with its imperfections.
  • Seascape Photo from Anyon Atelier in the Bay Area — Bring the salty sea air into your home with this beautiful print taken on the beaches of France.
  • Natural Japanese Basket from March in San Francisco — This handcrafted bamboo basket has a beautiful, nature-inspired form to store items or simply serve as a decoration piece.

About Sofa Creations — California’s Custom-Made Furniture Company

We’ve been California’s most trusted family-run custom furniture company since 2010. We love working with clients like you to design the perfect custom-made sofa, sectional, or sleeper sofa for your home. Please contact us to learn more about our customization process, or visit us in San Francisco or San Rafael to see some of our favorite styles in person.

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