Interior ideas for small studio apartments

Do you adore living in a big city but sometimes hate how cramped your tiny studio apartment is? You might feel desperate on your mission to fit multiple rooms into one space while still having some room to walk and breathe. We agree. Interior design ideas for a small studio apartment require a bit more planning and editing. However, we are sure you will be surprised by the results! Another advantage is that many of these design ideas are budget-friendly. So make sure you stick around to figure out how to make the most out of your small studio apartment with our design tips.

Where to start

First things first, you want to start with thinking of what you want from your home. Achieving everything in a small studio apartment is definitely possible; you just need a thoughtful design.

Are you more of a stay-at-home, study type, or a cooking and having friends over one? If you chose the first option, then make sure you have a proper desk and studying area. If the latter is more of your liking, then prioritize the kitchen and the dining area. It is all about what you value most in your apartment, so make sure you prioritize those spaces.

This doesn't mean you should cut back on other areas of your small home. There will always be times when you feel like you have a lot of stuff accumulated and can't make such a tiny space clutter-free. However, there are many excellent in-home storage solutions, and this is a great way to deal with the lack of space in your small home. Make sure to browse the internet for tips and ideas, and we guarantee you will find something to fit your taste and needs.

Tips for making the most out of a small studio apartment

We know you cannot magically expand your apartment, but we also know that you can make every inch count with some space planning and the right decor.

Once you've decided on the vibe of your home and prioritized areas you need the most, it's time to search for some decor inspiration. There are numerous layout designs out there. You have to find the one that works for you. So, let's dive into our best interior design ideas for a small studio apartment without further ado.

  • use a bookshelf as a room divider
  • eliminate clutter
  • use rugs to separate the areas
  • use mirrors
  • make the natural light count
  • have an accent wall
  • utilize your walls for wall shelving
  • loft your bed
  • bed with a built-in storage
  • add height with curtains

Bookshelves as room dividers

One of the most popular things people opt for in small studio apartments is semi-open furniture. This allows you to establish a defined floor plan, even though studio apartments are practically open spaces.

Pro-tip: If you are on a budget, IKEA Kallax bookshelves work extremely well in dividing spaces and offering storage.

A clutter-free space

One of the key things for keeping a small studio apartment from feeling cramped is to avoid clutter in every sense. Everything counts here, old magazines, too many kitchen appliances, or too many chairs stuck around the dining table. 

Rugs as area separators

Even if your living room and bedroom might be the same room, it doesn't have to feel that way. The key to separate the areas is to use rugs.

Rugs are usually used in sitting areas. Apart from dividing the space, they add some texture and warmth to the space. In addition, colorful rugs can be a great option to add vibrance to the place.


Mirrors widen any room because of their reflective surface. They also add a luxurious touch to any space, especially tiny ones, where they will stand out. Furthermore, having mirrors in your small studio apartment will broaden the area and make it feel more breathable in a way.

Natural light

Another way of expanding any room is by allowing natural light to come in. If your goal is to maximize the small space you have to work with, you should leave window space open and unobstructed. On the other hand, if you need privacy, opt for lightweight curtains that allow sunlight into your studio apartment.

Accent wall

Designating an accent wall is a great way to create visual interest, especially if your style is more minimalistic.


Wall shelving

Additional great way to define areas and have more storage space is by having wall shelves.

Pro tip: Having a wall shelf in your front door area is a great way to have additional storage if you lack the space for entryway furniture.

Loft your bed

Building a loft is a great way to save space and literally add square footage to your small studio apartment if you have a tall ceiling. People usually decide to create a bedroom area in the loft, which also adds extra privacy.

Bed with a built-in storage

If, on the other hand, your studio apartment doesn't have a tall ceiling, it would be a good idea to choose a bed with built-in drawers for extra storage space and less clutter. Remember, the best furniture for small apartments is versatile.


Curtains are also a pretty versatile item. You can use them as bed separators, or you can use them to visually add height to your apartment. By using curtains, you can also hide a certain aspect of your flat, especially if it's cluttered. Additionally, having curtains adds texture and warmth to any space.

The takeaway from interior design ideas for a small studio apartment

Living in a studio apartment means you have one major task, which is not easy: to divide the place into a living room, kitchen, office, and bedroom. You also need to pay attention to do so clutter-free so you avoid feeling cramped and claustrophobic. As you could've seen, there are many great interior design ideas for a small studio apartment. So, don't let a small space stop you from creating a comfortable and stylish living space you have always dreamed of

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