Our Favorite Bay Area Celebrity Homes

One of the reasons our clients love designing their new custom furniture with us is because of our founder’s deep roots in the industry. (Derek grew up in a family furniture business before he formed Sofa Creations, so he’s been immersed in interior design trends for his entire life.) Normally, we love talking about the season’s most popular design styles, but today we really want to highlight the homes of our favorite celebrities who live right here in the Bay Area!

Steph Curry — Golden State Warriors

NBA star Stephen Curry definitely knows how to relax when he’s not on the court! He and his wife enjoy living in a spacious five bedroom home in Alamo, California, decorated with a mix of modern and classic furniture pieces. His entryway, main living room, and master bedroom are decorated with bold patterns in various shades of brown and beige, but some of his previous homes show off his love of rustic and beachy pieces.

If you love this traditional, eye-catching look, get some designs inspired by Curry’s home for your own:

  • The Chandler sofa, similar to the sofas in Curry’s living area

Kirk Hammett — Guitarist

Metallica’s Kirk Hammett actually owns two Sea Cliff homes in San Francisco, and he’s trying to sell one of them right now. You know what that means…we get to spy on listing photos! Unsurprisingly, Hammett has an offbeat sense of style in his home, incorporating patterns which almost look inspired by the Middle East, as well as ultramodern pieces with lots of straight edges and hard corners. While he seems to favor black, white, and grey neutral colors, he also throws in pops of unexpected colors like bright reds and mint green.

Include some modern pieces in your home:

Tyler Florence — Celebrity Chef

Although Florence and his wife have since moved into a new home in Corte Madera, we found these photos of how their previous home was decorated. Their old home, featuring hardwood floors throughout, included lots of vintage and rustic pieces to create an eclectic vibe. If you flip through the photo album, be sure to check out photo #3, where you can see their artsy collage wall and cute-yet-functional cart standing in as their coffee table!

Create your own Tyler Florence-inspired look with some of these pieces:

  • The Clyde sofa, similar to the one in Florence’s living room

Danielle Steel — Romance Author

Danielle Steel sold her previous Bay Area beach house back in 2014, and the lucky buyer actually was able to keep all of her furniture and art in the home! When you look through the photo album of her beach house, it’s clear that Steel may have some OCD surrounding her color choices, as every room is color coded. (For example, check out photo #3 with the purple and blue hallway or photos #4-7 with her tribute to primary colors.) Additionally, she seems to have enjoyed lots of loud and unique furniture pieces! However, underneath all the bright pops of color, you can tell Steel had an eye for great bones—most of her primary furniture pieces have neutral colors and classic shapes, which anyone could accessorize to their liking.

Incorporate Danielle Steel’s beach house style into your home:

  • The Austin sofa, similar to the ones in Steel’s living room

Jerry Garcia — Singer

Although the Grateful Dead singer has since moved out of his previous Marin County home, we found these photos showing his interior design style! Garcia definitely appreciates retro pieces, complete with burnt orange and moss green pigments. He really committed to his vintage concept, even including a shiny green backsplash in his kitchen, made up of squashed hexagon tiles. But our favorite part of the whole home may be his crazy orange and navy geometric shower tiles! (For real though—we did love Garcia’s use of natural wood elements throughout the house, especially with the reclaimed wood wall in his living room and funky star-shaped bathroom mirror.)

Add a vintage vibe to your home:

Do you have a home design vision in mind which you need help bringing to life? Our specialty is working with clients to design custom seating features with either our own designs, or your personal preferences. Check out our current design selection at mysofacreation.com, or stop by one of our three Bay Area showrooms to discuss your dream home in person with one of our sales professionals!

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