Quiz: What Interior Design Style Matches Your Personality Best?

On our blog, we publish a series all about how to decorate your home in your favorite interior design style. But what if you aren't sure how to choose an interior design style for your home in the first place?

We created this short personality quiz to help you find the best look for your home! Just grab a scrap piece of paper, write down your honest answers, and get ready to find out your personal home design style.

Question 1: Which materials are your favorites?

When you walk into a room, what furniture materials make you feel most at home?

  1. A mixture of wood, glass, and metals
  2. Soft, comfortable fabrics
  3. A mixture of luxurious bold materials
  4. Simple materials; I don’t like to mix and match
  5. Natural elements like wood and stone, especially if they’re repurposed/reclaimed

Question 2: Which matters more: Form or Function?

In other words, do you care more about the way your furniture looks or more about the practicality of the furniture you own?

  1. I want my furniture to look attractive, but function is more important
  2. I want my furniture to be beautiful and tell a story about my culture, family history, personality, etc
  3. The most important thing to me is having furniture that’s bold and vibrant, just like my personality
  4. Function is the most important thing to me; I want my furniture to look understated
  5. Both are important; I want my furniture to be and look sustainable while serving my needs

Question 3: What color palette do you prefer?

Which combination of colors makes your heart sing?

  1. Neutral browns, metallic silver and gold, and darker, muted colors
  2. Pastel colors mixed with a variety of neutral tones
  3. Bold, deep colors with very few neutrals
  4. All neutral whites, tans, grays, and black; I could maybe be talked into a pop of color here or there
  5. Only colors found in nature, like greens, browns, and blues

Question 4: What about shapes and silhouettes — where do you stand?

Do you like more boxy, rectangular shapes, curves in all the right places, or something in between?

  1. Geometric shapes, like triangles, rectangles, and anything with cool angles
  2. Elegant, ornamental designs that have plenty of character
  3. I love all silhouettes you don’t see every day
  4. If it’s not a right angle, it’s a wrong angle; I like rectangular furniture pieces that are neat and tidy
  5. Shapes and silhouettes aren’t as important to me; I care more about finding authentic pieces inspired by nature and sustainability


Question 5: How do you feel about home goods and accessories?

We’re talking about bookends, knick knacks, candles, and anything else people might use to spruce up their place a little bit.

  1. I could be talked into functional accessories like plants, catch-all dishes, and table lamps, but I probably won’t go out of my way to look for these items
  2. I love antiques, vintage items, and floral-printed everything!
  3. My friends call me “extra;” I love nostalgic items, old movie posters, and art deco pieces
  4. Keep extraneous accessories away from me! Only the necessities, please
  5. My favorite accessories include anything made with reclaimed wood, upcycled items, and one-of-a-kind designs

Find out your results!

Take a look at your answers and see which letter you answered with most frequently.

If you had mostly A’s…

Your go-to interior design style is Mid-Century Modern. Born in the 1920s, this interior design style priorities function over fashion and includes plenty of understated, practical pieces. Learn more about the Mid-Century Modern style in our recent blog post!

If you had mostly B’s…

You’ll love the Traditional English Country Home style, popularized in England by families who passed down heirlooms generation after generation. This style includes a hodge podge of designs from across the centuries. Read all about the Traditional English Country Home design style!

 If you had mostly C’s…

You’re Old Hollywood Glamour, through and through. The Old Hollywood Glamour design style is full of nostalgia for the age of classic films, rich textiles, and loud designs. Learn more about what the Old Hollywood Glamour style entails!

 If you had mostly D’s…

You’re a Minimalist. Minimalism is the art of having only what you need and keeping it extremely organized and clean. In this design style, you’ll find clean, simplistic lines and barely-there decor. Read more about the Minimalist interior design style!

 If you had mostly E’s…

Your perfect design style is Rustic. There are many types of rustic design, but the basic principles hold true: You’re focused on nature, sustainability, and repurposing the oldies-but-goodies. Learn how to decorate with the Rustic interior design style!


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