Steps to Customize Your Sofa

Are you looking for a custom-made sofa that’s tailored to your exact style and size preferences? At Sofa Creations, we work with clients all over the country to design personalized couches, sofas, and sectionals to meet their unique needs.

Here are the four steps to customizing your sofa with Sofa Creations:


Step 1: Choose Your Style

Whether your home is decorated in a mid-century modern, traditional, Hollywood glamour, or other interior design style, we have a selection of sofa and sectional styles you’ll love. Start your sofa customization process by choosing a silhouette that best fits into your home.

If you have a special design in mind that you don’t see on our website, let us know! One of our experienced furniture makers can create a completely unique piece based on your inspiration.


Step 2: Define Your Measurements

We want to make sure your sofa or sectional fits perfectly in your home, so we’ll build your sofa with your preferred dimensions, down to the inch!

Also, don’t forget:

  • Measure every doorway and hall we’ll need to walk through to deliver your sofa to the correct room. We would hate to build a beautiful sofa that can’t fit into your space!
  • Consider orientation, especially for sectionals. You’ll want to position your sofa or sectional so people have plenty of room to walk around the room without bumping into those sitting down.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Sofa Creations has been a family business from the very beginning, and we care deeply about your happiness as our client. We’re here to answer any questions you have about the custom furniture making process.

If you need help deciding your measurements, check out our blog article about how to choose the right sized sofa for any room.

Step 3: Choose Your Fabric and Color

We offer literally hundreds of fabric and color options for you to choose from. Contact us or visit us to browse our fabric swatches so you can make an informed decision. We can even use fabric you provide to us.

Need help choosing a color? Check out some of our blog articles that can help:

Step 4: Sit Tight!

We’ll take it from here. Once you’ve chosen your sofa style, dimensions, and fabric and color, our expert furniture makers will build your new piece in about 4-6 weeks. We’ll even deliver your new sofa or sectional with free shipping if you live in the Bay Area!

FAQs About Custom-Made Sofas

  1. How expensive is it to order a custom-made sofa?

Our sofas and sectionals are high-quality and affordable. This is because our family business and all of our employees are locally based, so we don’t have to contract building out to an overseas company. Pricing of our custom sofas start at $1,599 and our custom sectionals start at $2,399.

  1. What materials are used to make Sofa Creations’ custom sofas and sectionals?

Each of our sofas and sectionals has a sturdy, kiln-dried wood frame for long-term durability and support. Kiln-dried frames are superior because the kilns eliminate approximately 93% of the moisture inside the wood. This drastic reduction in wood moisture ensures that the wood doesn’t warp or shrink over time with changes in humidity and/or temperature.

We use “no sag” sinuous springs in place of vertical coil springs. Also known as “S-Coils” for their shape, these springs are in the bottom of the frame and run from the front of the seat to the back. They are supported by additional wires that cross from side to side to provide additional stability and support to ensure a strong seat.

We use high-quality, chemical-free foam to pad the back, arms, and cushions, and our upholstery is made with fabrics that stand the test of time.

  1. Where are Sofa Creations’ sofas manufactured?

Our custom sofas and sectionals are all made right here in California, so your purchase supports local workers. Having a local base also helps us deliver your sofa in half the time of overseas manufacturers.

  1. Does Sofa Creations offer a warranty?

Yes. Every sofa and sectional’s frame and cushions have a 7-year warranty and our fabric comes with a 1-year warranty. You can also purchase a 5-year stain protection plan for extra coverage.

  1. I have another question that isn’t listed here.

Please contact us or visit us with any questions we haven’t already covered! We’re excited to help you build the perfect custom-made sofa or sectional.


About Sofa Creations — California’s Custom-Made Furniture Company

We’ve been California’s most trusted family-run custom furniture company since 2010. We love working with clients like you to design the perfect custom-made sofa, sectional, or sleeper sofa for your home. Please contact us to learn more about our customization process, or visit us in San Francisco or San Rafael to see some of our favorite styles in person.

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