Tips for Customizing Your Space for Less

When you have a home, you want it to feel like it truly is yours. While you can buy items from major retailers that sort of feel like they reflect who you are, getting custom pieces made that truly fit your space and your taste seems to be a much better alternative. As you start to make your place more perfect, the following tips should hopefully help:
  • Out with the old and in with the new. Remove anything that you feel doesn’t reflect who you are. You may be left with bare walls, but this is probably preferable to looking up at a print or other piece that you don’t particularly like.
  • Add commissioned art work. This may sound like this will cost a lot, but it won’t necessarily. If you have friends or family members who are artists, they may well just be flattered that you have asked and offer to make you a piece that suits your style on the cheap. Otherwise, students and starving artists may be happy to make something for you for a low price; you just may have to spend a lot of time at art and craft sales before you meet the artist with a style you enjoy.
  • Get a custom couch. I know this tip too may sound expensive, but it doesn’t have to be; you can get custom made home furnishings without breaking the bank. For instance, San Francisco and East Bay residents have Sofa Creations, a custom sofa store. It is the custom couch store San Francisco residents have been falling in love with because a custom sofa can be purchased for at a very affordable price. Far less than one would expect to spend on even a generic, mass-produced sofa. This particular shop offers a wide selection of different fabrics for no upcharge, a turnaround of only two weeks, and a lifetime warranty. Additionally, each custom couch is made in California to be a custom length and depth down to an inch. Since you probably aren’t in San Francisco, you would need to have the custom sofa shipped to you, but this could still cost less than buying a boring couch from a big box store.
  • Make your own curtains or throw pillows. When it comes to decorating, the little things like curtains, pillows, or other home accessories are often what make a really big difference. Considered by many to be relatively easy projects for beginners, there are plenty of online tutorials end even in-person classes that can take you step by step as you start up your sewing machine and get started. When you choose your own fabrics, stitches, styles, and sizes and add your personal touch, there really isn’t anything that is much more custom than that.
  • Add a splash of color. Paint is relatively inexpensive. A bold accent wall or a whole room done in your favorite hue is a good start to make your space more uniquely you. Remember though, if you rent, you should check in with your landlord before you get started; painting could be a big no-no when it comes to your lease. A decorative border or a distinctive wall decal that would be easier to remove may be a better for renters or folks who just aren’t ready to commit to a particular hue.
Customizing your space to make it truly yours can be done in a whole array of ways, and these are only the beginning. Starting with a quality custom sofa, making your own home accessories, and putting up a coat of paint are, however, solid ways to make your space feel more like it is truly yours.
If you have made your home into a custom creation, what is your top tip?

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