Top 13 Fjords Recliners in the Bay Area

We love Fjords recliners because they’re extremely comfortable and functional, perfect for any interior design style. As an authorized retailer, we can’t wait to tell you about our favorite Fjords recliners in stock right now.

Why Do People Love Fjords Recliners?

This Norwegian brand is loved by families because of their great craftsmanship and eye-catching designs. Their design aesthetic can be modern, traditional, and even retro at times.

Our most popular Fjords recliners are upholstered in high-quality leather; you’ll be delighted to know that Fjords treats their leather to make it more resistant to wear and tear caused by things like spilled liquids and sunshine.

Finally, we know our clients love to customize their Fjords by choosing from a variety of leather and wood stains. Most of our Fjords offer a choice between three styles of leather:

  • Soft Line — As the name suggests, this leather feels soft and natural, while remaining very durable.
  • Astro Line — This semi-aniline leather is more resistant to factors that would wear it out thanks to surface pigments added to the leather to even out its coloring.
  • Nordic Line — This leather is fully treated for maximum protection against stains and wear.

Keep reading to learn more specific details about our top-selling Fjords recliner styles.

Most Popular Fjords Recliners

Check out some of our top selling Fjords recliners:

Fjords Classic Admiral C Recliner

With an adjustable head rest, 360 degree swiveling base, and deep reclining back, this recliner is a tried-and-true classic for our customers. It feels both modern and traditional at once and comes in Small and Large sizes.

Fjords Classic Bergen R Recliner

This classic recliner also offers a 360 degree swiveling base. Its head and neck rest automatically adjusts to your form when you recline for ultimate comfort. Make the Bergen fit your home’s style by choosing from a variety of leather and wood stain options.

Fjords Classic Muldal R Recliner

This grand recliner adds a tasteful touch to your timeless interior design style. Its cushy silhouette will feel like a gentle hug wrapped around you as you read, watch television, or even take a cat nap.

Fjords Classic Mustang R Recliner

With a comforting, solid frame and adjustable headrest, you’ll feel completely at ease in the Mustang. As you lean back to relax, the Mustang’s neck rest will automatically adjust to your new angle.

Fjords Classic Regent R Recliner

This contemporary-style recliner is embellished with thick, decorative seams along the silhouette to give the cushions a luxuriously soft look. Its detached foot rest only adds to the recliner’s modern appeal.

Fjords Modern Axel Recliner

This modern, motorized chair allows you to adjust the back and footrest separately to find just the right resting position. You can also manually adjust its headrest for even greater comfort.


Fjords Modern Finn Recliner

With slightly flared arms and seamless back, this sleek recliner will add a dash of sophistication to your seating area. It has a motorized reclining function for your back and legs, gracefully unfolding as you lean back.



Fjords Modern Hans Recliner

The Hans is a close cousin of the Finn, with flared arms and a lightly tufted back. Chic wood panels and a wooden base accessorize this functional recliner.


Fjords Relax Harstad Recliner

This modern take on a reliable easy chair offers functionality blended with contemporary sensibilities. Curved seams add body to the Harstad’s silhouette, which unfolds to support your body as you lean back.


Fjords Relax Oslo Recliner

Another modern-yet-classic piece, the Oslo is stately in stature while providing cushy support. You can choose a Small or Large, motorized or non-motorized recliner in this style.



Fjords Relax Rome Recliner

This completely modern chair has beautiful stitching along its leather upholstery, creating clean lines for a minimalist- or contemporary-style home.


Fjords Relax Stockholm Recliner

Once you climb into the Stockholm, you’ll never want to get up again. Its beautiful shape is dressed with curved seams and thick piping along the edges, creating an enticing look for a comfortable seat.

Fjords Relax Urban Recliner

This modern recliner narrows up the back to create the illusion of a smaller chair. Its unique frame is punctuated with just a single seam down the back and leg rest and sleek piping along the armrests.



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