Top 4 Ways to Create a Calming Space Through Interior Design

You know that feeling you get when you walk into a spa or luxury hotel room, and all your troubles melt away? You enter a heavenly, luxurious atmosphere where every item in the room seems like it was hand selected especially for your relaxation. Today we’re counting down the top four ways you can create this same sense of calm in your home:

#4: Reduce your clutter.

Even if your “clutter” is technically organized and you know where everything is located, research psychologists have found that piles of stuff lying around your home can create unnecessary stress and distraction when you’re trying to relax. Clutter has also been found to limit your creative abilities, so your favorite artistic pastimes may be stymied by disorganization.

No matter how much Marie Kondo-ing you do, you just can’t get around keeping necessary items like cleaning supplies, shoes, or your children’s toys, which seem to pile up over time. However, you can keep these items organized in enclosures such as drawers, cabinets, decorative baskets, and catch-all dishes to reduce the appearance of clutter.

#3: Use houseplants as natural decor.

Has anyone ever encouraged you to “get back to nature” when life gets stressful and hectic? As it turns out, there’s scientific evidence to support this suggestion! Researchers have found that just adding potted plants to your home can help relieve stress and anxiety, and even help improve your sleep health. Some of the most effective plants for lowering stress levels include:

  • Mint
  • Jasmine
  • Lavender

#2: Include multiple lighting options.

Have you noticed that at different times of day, you prefer different types of lighting? For instance, in the morning you may prefer to keep your house lights off and depend only on natural light streaming through your windows; in the evening, you may like to keep the room dim with lamplight.

To create a truly calming space, give yourself several levels of light in each room with an overhead light fixture, a few lamps, and maybe even a dimmer switch. (Of course, keep bright lights in your hallways, above the stairs, and anywhere else which may pose a safety hazard.)

And last but not least, #1: Choose a calming color palette.

You may have heard before that colors have the power to impact your mood. For example, people commonly believe red is energizing, and can even create feelings of anger and frustration. However, researchers have not been able to find convincing evidence of hard and fast rules surrounding color psychology. Colors have varying meanings across different cultures, so a particular shade of green could cause very different feelings in you than in the next person.

That said, psychologists have found that certain colors impact our perception of space, safety, and even temperature. Psychology Today shares these examples:

  • Reds and Oranges: These “warm” shades can literally make you feel like the room is warmer. If you always seem to need a sweater more frequently than your friends, you may want to decorate your home with these hues. Also, psychologists have found reds and oranges draw people in, so these are great decor colors for extroverts who love to entertain.
  • Blues and Greens: These “cool” shades make you feel like the room is a few degrees cooler, so blues and greens are perfect for those who always want to turn the air conditioning on just a little higher. Green has also been associated with creativity, so you may like to decorate with this color if you enjoy artistic pursuits.
  • Violet: Researchers have found people believe grayish violet is a classy, sophisticated color. If you appreciate upscale spaces, you may like to decorate with this hue.

Get more help designing a peaceful space.

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