What is the Maximalism Interior Design Style?

You've probably heard of minimalism, but have you ever heard of maximalism in home design? Maximalism is a playful, fun style that values eclectic, bold design. Let’s take a closer look at the maximalism interior design style.

What is the Maximalism Interior Design Style?

Have you ever been to someone’s home and noticed their walls are full of art, their tabletops and shelves are covered in accessories, and their floors are accessorized with bright rugs… Yet somehow, all the furniture and accessories blend perfectly together? This is the essence of maximalism.

Maximalism furniture is characterized by:

  • Loud, bright colors and designs
  • Efficient use of every open space
  • A diverse mix of patterns, silhouettes, and materials
  • An eclectic mix of different interior design styles and inspiration

A recent article in Vogue explains, “Maximalism is about lots of color. Painterly prints. Rich textures. Surrounding yourself with objets d’art, mementos, and curios that you love.” Keep reading to learn about our favorite maximalism pieces sourced from local Bay Area furniture stores.

Maximalist Sofas in the Bay Area

You can visit our Sofa Creations showrooms in San Francisco and San Rafael to get inspiration for your maximalism interior design, or we can design a completely custom piece for your home. Here are some of our favorite sofas and sectionals inspired by maximalism design:

  • Barcelona Sofa — The Barcelona is what the cool kids would call “extra,” with its diamond-tufted back and arms, gorgeous seams, and angled legs.
  • Chandler Sofa — The Chandler’s playful silhouette, curved legs, and sloping legs make this sofa an eye-catching show stopper for your room.
  • Easton L Shape Sectional — The Easton brings a midcentury modern vibe to your room with triangular legs, a natural wood base, and tufted cushions.
  • Guerro Mid Century Sofa — Also inspired by retro, midcentury modern vibes, the Guerro has a curved base, angular legs, and tufted cushions.
  • Hayes Bumper Chaise Sectional — Full of personality, the Hayes is inspired by Old Hollywood Glamor with a diamond-tufted back, clean lines, and narrow legs.
  • Jackson Sofa — The Jackson’s silhouette is subtle yet modern with a curved base, angled legs, and lightly tufted back.
  • Logan Sofa — It's impossible not to fall in love with the Logan. Its classic shape, round arm cushions, and tapered legs are whimsical and delightful.
  • Nines Sofa — The Nines is certainly a conversation piece, with a high tufted back, angled arms and legs, and an extremely cozy seat.
  • Victoria L Shape Sectional — Reminiscent of the traditional Chesterfield sofa, but with a modern twist, the Victoria brings style and sophistication to any room.

We personalize every sofa, sleeper, and sectional for each individual customer, so we can customize any of these pieces according to your preferred colors, dimensions, and style.

Keep reading to learn about some of our favorite local home goods stories that have even more designs you’ll love!

Where to Find Maximalist Furniture in the Bay Area

Whether you need to deck out your living room, bedroom, or another room in your home with maximalism pieces, we must recommend the following locally-sourced items:

  • Leather Oval Chair from Heath Ceramics — With a geometric silhouette, high-quality leather seta, and whimsical demeanor, this oval chair fits right into a maximalist room.
  • Red and Turquoise Bench from Heath Ceramics — Your guests won’t be able to take their eyes off this Japanese-inspired bench with ColoRing veneer.
  • Manhattan Chrome Bar Cart from Hudson | Grace — This shiny, functional bar cart has sharp angles in all the right places.
  • Pivoting Reflector Floor Light from Anthem — You might find a light similar to this one at a professional photo or movie shoot; and now it’s available for your home.
  • 19th Century School Master Desk from S16 Home — Bring new life to this antique farmhouse desk with a cabinet and slant front desk.
  • Susanne Tiered Table from Anyon Atelier — This two-tiered table is inspired by the leaves of the ginkgo tree, with leaf-shaped shelves finished in gold.
  • Clear Garden Seat from March — This clear garden seat can double as a side table, or even be flipped upside down to be used as a container.

Where to Find Maximalist Home Accessories in the Bay Area

Need to decorate your room with a few more accessories and home goods? Check out our favorite maximalism pieces from local Bay Area stores:

  • Kanto Magazine/Firewood Rack from Heath Ceramics — In maximalism, we believe every furniture piece can double as an art piece. This rack certainly meets both criteria!
  • Andrew Faulkner’s “Tubes” from Hudson | Grace — Maximalist art is full of color. What better way to bring color to your room than through this painting of brightly colored paint tubes?
  • Gemma Vase from Anthem — This champagne crystal vase plays with the light from any angle; the perfect art piece for displaying your new bouquet.
  • Embossed Opera Binoculars from S16 Home — In maximalist designs, knick knacks aren’t tacky; they’re treasures. We love S16 Home’s collection of unique vintage and antique knick knacks, like these binoculars, which tell a story on your shelf or as part of your centerpiece.
  • Avignon Sahara Pillow from Anyon Atelier — No maximalist room is complete without plenty of throw pillows; and the more patterned, the better!
  • Celestine Bowl from Anyon Atelier — This abstract, free form bowl can be used to hold everyday or precious objects in any maximalist room in your home.
  • Rag Rug from March — This Swedish rag rug is soft and durable, perfect for any maximalist home.

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