What to Do With a Spare Room or Extra Bedroom: 13 Creative Ideas

Upgrading to a home with more space is always exciting, but sometimes it's difficult to decide what to do with all of it! If you have a spare room or extra bedroom and aren't sure how to use it, check out these creative ideas:


1. Turn it into an old-fashioned sitting room.

Have you ever been in one of those houses that has a front room, a living room, and a sitting room and wonder what the difference is between each of these rooms? Historically, a front room was more formal, intended to allow you to accept acquaintances into your home if you didn’t know them very well. A living room (also called a family room) was designated for spending time with your nuclear family. Finally, a sitting room was a place where you could entertain close friends and extended family.

We think it’s a great idea to bring back the tradition of a sitting room where you can focus on having good conversation, play some board games, and maybe even enjoy a delicious snack with those you love the most.

Shop for a sofa or sectional for your sitting room.


2. Set up a home theater.

Get ready to watch some movies! A home theater doesn’t need to be fancy. All you need are a big screen TV, cozy places to sit, and maybe even some speakers to amplify the sound. If your spare room has a lot of natural light coming through its window, consider investing in some blackout curtains to complete the ambience.


3. Convert it into a library or study.

If you have a large book collection, here’s your chance to show it off! Consider creative ways you can showcase your books. They could be organized on shelves by subject, author, or even the color of the spines to create an artistic design. Complete the room with a soft sofa or sectional and a couple arm chairs.


4. Create a cozy book nook.

Maybe you don’t have enough room or books to justify creating a library, but you can easily turn your spare room into a reading nook! Set up a sanctuary designated just for reading with a snuggly sofa and a shelf or two of your favorite books.


5. Design an epic guest bedroom.

Create the ultimate guest suite with a luxurious bed, comfy couch, and all the amenities your guests will need to feel right at home. Don't have room for a full guest suite? Try using a sleeper sofa, which converts into a bed and folds back up when your guests have left.


6. Build the hobby room of your dreams.

Whether you love video gaming, crafting, playing music, or hosting your own podcast, this is your opportunity to transform your spare room into a hobby room.


7. Designate a collection room.

Do you love finding antiques at flea markets and estate sales? Have you preserved family heirlooms that have been passed down through the generations? Maybe you’ve been collecting mint-condition baseball cards since you were a child? Now you have a whole room you can use to display your most precious artifacts.



8. Make a children’s playroom.

Children’s playrooms are amazing for parents because you can keep the clutter and mess associated with toys all contained in one room. And children love them because they feel like they have a space that’s just their own. Outfit your playroom with a place to sit, bins to organize toys, and shelves that allow kids to easily find and pick out their favorite books.



9. Turn the room into a home office.

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work has become more commonplace across the country, and especially in California. Consider the benefits of turning your spare room into a designated office space free of household distractions.

10. Create a game room.

Do you and your friends love playing games? Host the best game nights by turning your spare room into a place where you can play pool, table tennis, foosball, and maybe even some pinball. You may even like to create a combination game/movie room where all entertaining can take place in one spot!



11. Develop a meditation zone.

Meditation and self-care can be difficult to practice when you’re distracted by chores around the house that need to get done. How can you focus on rest and relaxation when there’s clean laundry to fold or dishes to put away? Turning your spare room into a meditation space can help you disconnect from the rest of the world when it’s time to care for yourself.


12. Start an indoor garden.

In the Bay Area, it may be impossible for you to garden outside. But that doesn't mean you can't grow herbs and other plants! Convert your spare room into an indoor garden by investing in UV lights and your favorite plants.

13. Design a home gym.

Instead of fighting Bay Area traffic every day to get to the gym, why not build one in your own home? You don’t even need to buy expensive equipment; just a yoga mat and some free weights will do the trick.


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