Which Way Should a Bumper Chaise Sectional Face?

Which Way Should a Bumper Chaise Sectional Face?

With roots in Ancient Greek history, the bumper chaise sectional is part sofa, part chaise longue (also spelled “chaise lounge”). A typical chaise sectional could look like our Carson Sectional, with one end of the couch elongated to let someone sitting on the end stretch their legs out without needing an ottoman. When you add a bumper to create a design like our Hayes Sectional, the chaise section has its own back where it would normally have a side arm.

Which side of the chaise sectional should have the bumper?

When you purchase or design a bumper chaise sectional, your furniture maker will ask which way you want the bumper to face.

Basically, they're asking you to imagine that you’re looking at the front side of the sectional. From this angle, on which side would you like the bumper to be located?

Of course, you can choose to have the chaise section face whichever direction you choose. Usually, our clients first decide where they want the sectional to sit in their home, and then add the bumper chaise to the side with less foot traffic. This way, someone leaning up against the bumper avoids having people brush up against them on the way to the kitchen for a drink.

Where should I place my bumper chaise sectional?

Confused about where to position your new sectional? Here are a few tips for deciding the best place to put it in your room:

  • First, make sure your room offers plenty of space to stretch out. Most of our clients choose a chaise sectional because they want to relax with their feet up, but smaller rooms may not be able to accommodate this depth.
  • Next, consider how the sectional will impact line of sight from different parts of the room. If you plan to put your sectional in a living or entertainment room, be sure to avoid having the back and bumper in the way of conversations or TV watching.
  • Finally, double check the dimensions of any doors and pathways your delivery crew will need to walk through to position your sectional. Remember, Sofa Creations can customize your sectional’s dimensions down to the inch, so we can accommodate almost any living space!

What are other types of sectional styles?

Curious about other sectional arrangements and styles? Check out some of our other popular sectional designs:


L-Shaped Sectionals

This may seem obvious, but L-shaped sectionals (like our Angela Sectional) are arranged in the shape of a capital letter L. Usually, one section is longer than the other, but we can design your sectional to your preferred dimensions. For example, our Easton Sectional includes two sides of equal length.

Curved Sectionals

Curved sectionals are very similar to L-shaped sectionals, but the sections are connected with a curved seat instead of with a 90-degree corner. Check out our Belmont Sectional for a visual example.


Chaise Sectionals

Like we mentioned before, a regular chaise sectional (like our Carson Sectional) looks like a sofa, but with one long end that allows you to stretch your legs out in front of you.

What’s the best type of sectional?

At the end of the day, we believe the right sectional is the one that makes you feel the most at home. Here are some rules of thumb our customers have found helpful when choosing their favorite style:

  • A bumper chaise sectional is great for an intimate, cozy entertainment space. The bumper gives you the option to sit sideways facing others sitting on the sectional or to sit facing forward to watch a movie together.
  • An L-shaped sectional is perfect for more formal rooms, such as a formal front sitting room. The right angled corner feels sophisticated, and the two sections offer plenty of space for multiple guests to sit facing toward each other for a spirited conversation.
  • A curved sectional falls somewhere in between the intimacy of a bumper chaise and the formality of an L shape. We see clients use curved sectionals frequently in family rooms.
  • A chaise sectional without a bumper is often the right option when you’re furnishing a smaller or high-traffic space. It can be the same length of a typical sofa while offering extra legroom on one side, without creating visual barriers with the extra back cushions that come with a bumper chaise sectional.

Would you like to talk with a professional furniture maker about which sectional style would work best in your unique home? You can contact us online or visit one of our no-pressure showrooms in person in the Bay Area.


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