Can I change the dimensions of a sofa or sectional?

Absolutely!! You can customize the length and depth of any custom sofa or sectional down to the inch. You can even change the seat height, arm height, arm width, back height, etc. Basically, once you pick a model, you can tweak it to any measurement you want.

Does that mean I have to come to the store to customized to the inch?

No. Give us a call and we can customize everything over the phone. However, if you are near one of our locations, we do recommend visiting us so you can sit and feel the sofas firsthand.

Do you accept returns or exchanges?

No, the sofa is yours once our factory starts production. Our sales associates will make sure that you get the sofa of your dreams, so there’s no need to exchange!

I saw a style of a sofa I like but want it in a sectional. Is that possible?

Yes! Any model you see in the custom sofas can be made into a sectional in whatever configuration and size you want.

How long does it take to arrive?

Custom sofas and sectionals are delivered in 2-4 weeks for California residents.  Please add 2 weeks to ship time if you are out of state. 

Where are your sofas made?

All of our custom sofas and sectionals are handmade in California.

Is there any kind of warranty?

Yes, we offer a 7-year warranty on the frame, seat cushions, and springs. We also offer a 1-year warranty on the fabric.

What if I don't see the style I am looking for?

E-mail us a picture of the sofa style you want and we see if can replicate it for you.

What are my fabric options?

We have hundreds of swatches to choose from. We offer polyesters, microfibers, bonded leather, synthetic vinyl, and genuine top grain leather. Or, you can provide your own fabric. 

What is the most durable fabric?

Microfiber, of which we have over 50 different color options. Microfiber holds up extremely well if you have children and/or pets. Spilled liquids will bead up, and you can spot clean with a water-dampened cloth or baby wipes. The cushion casings can even be machine-washed at home!

Can I bring in my own fabric?
Yes, you can.

What kind of leather do you offer?
For our custom line, we offer genuine top grain leather, bonded leather (recycled genuine leather), and synthetic vinyl.

What kind of wood is used in your sofas?
All of our sofa frames are made with kiln dried solid wood. Kilns are huge ovens with very strictly controlled temperatures and humidity. Kiln dried frames are superior because the kilns eliminate approximately 93% of the moisture inside the wood. This drastic reduction in wood moisture ensures that the wood doesn’t warp or shrink over time with changes in humidity and/or temperature. Warping or shrinkage can destabilize your sofa and even cause it to lose its shape.

Are there springs used in your sofas?
Yes, we use “no sag” sinuous springs in place of vertical coil springs. Also known as “S-Coils” for their shape, these springs are in the bottom of the frame and run from the front of the seat to the back. They are supported by additional wires that cross from side to side to provide additional stability and support to ensure a strong seat.

What kind of foam is used in your cushions?
We use Chemical Free, 1.8lb density foam. We also offer 3.0lb density foam and goose feather down wrap, for additional fees.

Can you put a sleeper in the sofa?
Yes! We can add a twin, full, or queen size sleeper to half of our custom sofas, loveseats, and sectionals. The cost to add a sleeper is determined by the type of mattress you choose and the size. We also carry non-custom sleepers from Luonto, Palliser, and Sealy.

What if my seat cushions go flat?
All of our seat cushions come with a 7-year warranty: we guarantee that if the foam in your seat cushions compresses more than 25%, we will replace your cushions free of charge.

Do you deliver?
We offer FREE local delivery.  Our white glove delivery service will take your sofa upstairs, unwrap it, and take away the trash. All you do is point, say where you want it.   

What if my sofa doesn't fit?
If your sofa does not fit going into your home, we will have to order you a new sofa at a smaller size. Because our sofas are custom, you will be required to pay a 20% restocking fee for the price of the original sofa, as well as the delivery fee for both the first and second delivery. So, please take measurements. Measure the doorway, hallways, and anything else that the sofa will be going through. Be aware of sharp turns and low ceilings in stairwells. You are more than welcome to bring in/email pictures and measurements so we can help you make sure your new sofa fits, but Sofa Creations is not liable if it does not.

Can you send someone to my home to measure the space?
I'm sorry, we do not do house visits.

Do you reupholster old sofas?
I'm sorry, we do not reupholster sofas.

Can you make round sofas?
Yes, we can.

What if I have more questions?
Please feel free to reach out to the Sofa Creations nearest you:

San Francisco 415-885-7987

San Rafael 415-526-3178

Or email us at