5 Star Rating on Yelp at All Locations

John F.  Dublin, CA  

Incredible to be able to order a custom sofa, fabric, size and cushion type, then have it delivered in less than 2 weeks!! The staff was so helpful and easy to work with.  They had some great suggestions on fabric type and style, made the whole experience easy and we are very happy with our new sofa that fits perfectly in our living room.

Jon G.  San Francisco, CA

Their sofas are really high quality. If you're sick of stapled-together crap from Target, this is the place you come. My sofa perfect fits my tiny apartment. I'm super happy with it. Only drawback - not big enough for make out sessions.

Anjali B.  San Francisco, CA 

We love our sofa! We lucked out and saw a floor model that fit exactly what we were looking for, so we were able to get that at a discount.  The best part is that we were able to get it with the memory foam sleeper.  It has been so comfortable for our guests who stay over!

Stayc F.  Dublin, CA

Wow!  Matt & Derek were both awesome to work with.  What a great buying experience - we just picked out all the options we wanted and Poof! 2 weeks later we had a couch in our front room.

Mary M.  South San Francisco, CA

I was looking for a sofa bed that would fit through my narrow doorway. Sofa Creations had one with the air mattress I wanted, and gave me a great deal on their floor sample. Matt was very helpful, and made everything very easy.  The delivery guys they hired were clearly enjoying their job, and provided entertainment with their excellent, careful delivery. Would definitely recommend.

Todd C.  Napa, CA

We ran into Sofa Creations at the Napa Home Show back in April when our house was for sale and before we bought our new place. We were impressed with their products and knew we wanted to use them for furnishing the new house, especially with the lack of home furnishing stores in Napa. After meeting with Devon at the San Rafael store, we ordered a sofa and two recliners. The process could not have gone smoother and all three pieces are on their way and we eagerly await their arrival! THANK YOU Sofa Creations for having so many options and making the process smooth and easy!

Patty S.  San Rafael, CA

I'd been searching for a new sofa for a couple of months and soon realized that in most cases unless I bought one in a standard size, fabric and color, it could take up to 2 to 3 mos. before the sofa was delivered. When I visited the local Sofa Creations I found out that not only was the pricing reasonable, but that they carry a wide variety of styles and fabrics to choose from. And that turnaround time from order to delivery is just two weeks or so. On top of that, I was able to have a sofa built at a custom size at no extra charge. I'm very happy with my sofa and pleased with every aspect of the service I received from beginning to end. I've been recommending Sofa Creations ever since.

J. M.  Pleasanton, CA

Wow! This sofa purchase has been hands-down some of the best customer service I have ever encountered. Went to Sofa Creations on the recommendation of a co-worker after being dismissively treated at Ethan Allen since we dared to walk in without an appointment. Matt was so patient with us while we selected style options-- all while being very gracious while our two young kids 'tested' out nearly every couch in the showroom.  I loved the ability to get everything made to our custom measurements. From following up to make sure we received our fabric samples to finalizing the design/measurements and scheduling delivery just a couple weeks later, both Matt and Derek were responsive and helpful. To top it off, months after our couch was delivered when we realized the latch holding our L-shaped couch together wasn't properly connecting-- allowing the couch to slide apart at the L-- we called to ask for help and Derek came by himself and fixed it. I wish I could buy all our furniture from this place.

S. R.  San Francisco, CA

When the sofa bed mechanism was sitting too low on the floor, Derek sent someone out immediately to my home to repair.  Great lifetime warranty and customer service!

David S.  Oakland, CA

We have an unusually sized room so we needed a custom sized sectional sofa. None of the big stores had sizes that would work for us. So we found Sofa Creations. They are amazing. You get a sofa to fit exactly your needs, made and delivered faster than getting a non custom sofa at other stores. Plus, it's less expensive too! And its all done locally. We drove in from Oakland to look at the showroom and design our sofa. There was even plenty of street parking near the store. Marissa and Charday helped answer all of our questions and even worked with the delivery service before the sofa was made to ensure they could get it into our place. Next time we need a sofa or chair we are definitely going back.

Gladys W.  San Francisco, CA

We went to sofa creations and are 100% satisfied with Matt services.  He is patient, knowledgeable and very detailed oriented on sofa design, fabrics and color matching.  

We chose sofa creations after our second visit.  The sofa is USA made, and delivery time is faster than other custom made shops.  

I highly recommend anyone to talk to Matt who delivers high quality of service than other stores who rush to sell sofa that is not suitable for you.

Carolynn R.  Redwood City, CA

We bought two recliners that sofa creation made for us and a sofa and we love them. They did a lovely job and they are the nicest people to work with. I would and have recommended SOFA creations to several people. Delivery was right on time. I picked microfiber for the material because from past experience it holds up forever and easy to clean. Thank you SOFA creation

Caroline M.  Daly City, CA 

My husband and I spent a bit of time trying to find a quality sofa to replace the old, ugly one we'd had for over eight years. We looked at custom stuff online (way too expensive--at least $4,000 in most cases) and also sofas at La-Z-y Boy (we weren't happy with the selection and price). After doing a bunch of research, my husband found out about Sofa Creations and suggested we come here to find a sofa. We initially wanted a leather sofa (durable; easy clean up; kid-friendly), but once we actually saw the limitless possibilities that Sofa Creations offers, we changed our minds and went with a very comfy beige microfiber sofa and matching love seat. We got to pick the precise material, color, legs, arm rest width...it was amazing to have so many wonderful options to choose from (if not overwhelming!) Matt was really great to work with--so patient and helpful. I am very indecisive and particular, yet Matt answered every question I had with patience and kindness. He never pushed us to buy anything or tried to up-sell us on something we didn't need. We really love our new sofa and love seat. Thank you, Sofa Creations!

Laura W.  San Francisco, CA 

I bought a custom sofa from Sofa Creations earlier this summer.  I spent hours looking around, asking questions, and trying to visualize the right look for my uniquely-shaped space.  Marissa helped give me all the info I needed, showed me pictures of previous creations, and worked with me to craft exactly what I needed, all without being rushed or pressured.  The sofa was delivered on time, in perfect condition, and continues to look and feel great after a couple months of use.  I've gotten more compliments on the sofa than anything else in my new place and I have no hesitations directing friends to Sofa Creations.

G. H.  Novato, CA 

My wife and I finally found Sofa Creation and the sofa that we wanted after reading the reviews on yelp. We decided to see for ourselves if it the reviews were true and they were true. Devon was what made the experience wonderful and we are very happy with our purchase and would recommend this place.

Carol C.  Berkeley, CA

I was so happy to find Sofa Creations and Devon was extremely  easy and helpful to work with. I had been looking at reclining sofas on line and in other stores for weeks before I found what I wanted at Sofa Creations. It was very important to my boyfriend to have head and neck support and there are very few couches with backs high enough to give him that. I wanted a three seat sofa where all of the seats reclined and just wasn't finding that anywhere. Devon came up with the solution of putting together three sectional pieces to make a sofa so that all of the seats reclined and Sofa Creations had a particular model that fit my boyfriend's needs. It was well worth the 6 week wait for it to be manufactured and delivered. We got the power recliners and microsuede upholstery and it all feels very luxurious. I'm very happy with the experience all the way around.

Nina F.  Everett, WA 

Sofa Creations certainly deserve 5-star review and actually more than that! The company is  very professional, customer-oriented with a great prompt service. Marissa, along with other staff, answers all questions so fast and meticulously. I love the opportunity of getting custom-made couch of a good quality with different features. I live out of state and I got multiple fabric samples sent to me free of charge, as well as getting helped with picking a delivery company that is reasonable priced. Unfortunately, the couch got some damage while in transit and Sofa Creations completely took care of everything which I am truly grateful for. It is rare nowadays to find a company that takes such a good care of its customers. The sofa turned out beautifully and we even managed to get quite a comfortable bed in it. I certainly recommend Sofa Creations to anybody who wants a great piece of furniture and an outstanding service.

Teresa H.  San Francisco, CA

Not surprised by the 5 star rating!  My husband and I were ready to retire the old Ikea sofa, and, like most people, we didn't have time to go to a thousand shops looking for the right sofa.  I happened to walk by Sofa Creations one day, and went home and looked it up online.  Their website is really informative, so by the time we actually made it in, with a rambunctious toddler in tow, I already had a lot of information.

Derek was really helpful in explaining options, warranty, fabric etc.  I think we were in and out in less than an hour.  Our new sofa was delivered less than 2 weeks later, just in time for company, and we couldn't be happier!  Since we don't have space for a loveseat or recliner or anything like that, we decided to pay the extra $200 to add 10 inches to the style we liked.  So far it's working out great!  And this is all for less than $2000.  Pretty awesome for a custom-made sofa.

Amanda D.  Redwood City, CA

Awesome service, great product at an incredible value. Great selection of pet friendly fabrics and we were able to customize the length and depth for a nominal fee that still came to less than we would have paid at Crate and Barrel.  It feels well made and guests rave about how adorable it is. We could not be happier with this sofa. My only complaint is that we didn't find this place sooner and we spent hours debating sofas at other places that looked cute but were never quite the right size, depth, fabric, etc. Save yourself a whole lot of hassle and just come here.

Ann D.  Half Moon Bay, CA 

Looked for months to find exactly what I wanted only to find it would cost $4k. I purchased the
fabric and, at the recommendation of a friend and very satisfied customer, I took it to Matt at Sofa Creations.  He confirmed that their crew could work with the print fabric and still deliver in 2 weeks.   They did an absolutely beautiful job, delivered in two weeks, and came in at well below half of what the high-end furniture store quoted.  And Matt was great to work with :)
I LOVE my sofa!!!

Goddess B.  San Francisco, CA

Devon was easily the most informed, helpful and thoughtful furniture salesperson I've ever met.  I purchased a new home with a huge room.  It needed a huge sofa.  I've always wanted a sectional with a chaise, and found my way through a friend to Sofa Creations.  Purchasing this baby was easy.  I found what I wanted, Devon helped me customize it, and bam, two weeks later a sofa.  TWO WEEKS.  I also deeply appreciated that Devon was totally transparent through the process.  Did I mention I needed a huge sofa?  He was absolutely honest that if I extended the sofa another 5", it would be $XXX.  He didn't have to do that.  I wouldn't have known any differently.  But I decided that cash would be better spent on the upholstery.  Honesty.  A rare quality.  Also surprisingly affordable!  The delivery team was fabulous, too; it was pouring when they were delivering and they made sure to mop up my wood floors where they had to track in water.  Nice touch.

Lynn M.  Albany, CA

Start to finish, the best experience imaginable. We were helped at the San Rafael store by Devon, who was knowledgeable and patient. We got to choose the style, fabric, and dimensions. It was all very affordable, and our gorgeous custom sofa came in two weeks. It is beautifully made, comfortable, and downright gorgeous. I can't imagine a better experience! I 100 percent recommend!

Steve R.  Redwood City, CA

My girlfriend hated my couch; I hated hers. Time to get rid of them both and buy a new one!

We looked at several places, but Sofa Creations ended up being the best value in the area. Highly customizable couches, easy to work with sales staff, simple delivery process (only a couple weeks wait and right on time on delivery day). I recommend them!

Gloria F.  Redwood City, CA

I'm so glad I went to Sofa Creations!  Matt was amazing - he spent a lot of time with me, sent me swatches , answered all my questions and was very professional. I had been to several stores by the time I walked into SC and had been discouraged by the high prices and long lead times. I got a beautiful sofa with the right amount of firmness that fits perfectly in my small living room in one week!!  And did I mention the price was fantastic?!?  Also, the delivery guys were courteous, prompt, and took great care in setting the couch where I wanted it.  Run, don't walk to Sofa Creations if you need a quality sofa at a great price. I'm really happy with my sofa!!!

Larry A.  Novato, CA

Our new sofa and two reclining chars just arrived, and they look great and are very comfortable.  What impressed me most about dealing with Sofa Creations was the variety of choices and ease of ordering.  Incredible low key but helpful staff.  Highly recommended!

Quinn N.  San Francisco, CA

Sofa Creations literally cannot be beat. I bought a couch from them a couple years ago and it was a top notch experience. We moved and found ourselves needing a second sofa- and while I still did some research on it, I just couldn't beat Sofa Creations. Even though the sofa I wanted from SC was similarly priced to another store - the other store didn't have the detailed customization, the short 2 week delivery, or Marissa (who I adore).

I got my couch delivered yesterday and with a house full of friends I raved about my experience and told them to never buy a couch elsewhere - so now I'm doing that on the internet too. 

If you need a sofa, a sectional, a chaise, a chair, a pillow - go here. Don't waste your time elsewhere. I'm already talking about buying my third piece from them. 

Who knew you could be obsessed with a sofa retailer.

John F.  Concord, CA

I am beyond satisfied with my new sofa from Sofa Creations!  I was in need of an extra long sofa, and Derek at Sofa Creations was up to the task.  I gave him the dimensions I needed and he created my new sofa those exact measurements.  The cushions are firm like I requested, and the fabric is easily cleaned, which comes in handy with 2 little ones. Can not recommend them enough!

T. H.  San Francisco, CA

I read the reviews and decided to take the plunge and get a new sectional.  I sent an email inquiry online and got a fast response from Marissa.  When i went into the store, Derek was very helpful in helping me select the size, style and fabric.  He offered samples to take home and gave good recommendations.

Sofa delivered on time - 1 week later.  It looks and feels GREAT!   
Highly recommend the SF Store!

Kevin O.  San Jose, CA

I was pleased with the selections of sofas when visiting the website. But, I was having a difficult time deciding which sofa was the right fit for me. So, I decided to give them a call and ask for their advice. I was warmly greeted by Marissa and she was happy to walk me through the selections based on my personal preferences. I was impressed with her thoughtfulness in making sure this was the perfect sofa for me. It's refreshing to find someone in customer service that cares and values their customers. Marissa was truly wonderful and made this an enjoyable experience! I would highly recommend Sofa Creations from my experience.

Steven J.  San Francisco, CA

Finding the perfect couch is so difficult (admittedly, a first-world problem). Having taken a look at Room & Board, Crate & Barrel and a number of other stores in San Francisco, we finally made our way to Sofa Creations, and realized right away that we should have simply started and ended the process at this terrific shop. Thanks to Marissa's patient, practical and unfailingly cheery assistance, purchasing our custom-made sofa was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, and we are thrilled with the results. Truly no reason to go anywhere else for quality, comfort and, most of all, options. You really can custom-order to your specifications, mixing and matching styles, fabrics, cushion firmness, legs, and all the rest. Run don't walk...then curl up on your new sofa.

Maria Eve B.  Montreal, Canada

This place is awesome! Manager Marissa is very knowledgeable, pleasant and helpful. You can personalize every aspect of your sofa which is great for apartments with peculiar floor plans. Our couch was delivered quickly and in excellent condition. Reasonable prices. Would highly recommend.

Jax R.  San Francisco, CA

I was surprised and impressed by the design options and the ability to fully customize, including any length that you want (literally, pick your number... you don't just choose between three lengths), depth, cushion firmness. Prices are super reasonable, and they delivered within two weeks. I previously was a Room & Board loyalist, but Sofa Creations has converted me. I was also impressed to get a hand-written thank-you note from Marissa, who was very helpful and personally involved. I feel so much better supporting a small business!

Esther R.  Fairfax, CA

I had an idea for a sofa I wanted and brought in a picture of it to Devon at Sofa Creations. Devon assured me that they could make it and could even have the chrome legs I wanted for a very reasonable additional cost. Devon is so pleasant to work with. He went above and beyond helping me research the fabric I wanted. I LOVE my couches. I bought two. They are exactly how I imagined them and so comfortable. My deepest gratitude to you Devon.

Tabra C.  San Franciso, CA

Sitting on our wonderful new sofa as I write this.  We have been searching for a sofa for months. Even had Pottery Barn come out.   We have a large room, but we have special needs and there is only one wall we could work with.  We wanted a large sofa that would lure the teenager out of the room once in awhile.   We stumbled upon Sofa Creations and met Devon. He worked with us to come up with solutions.  Did several drawings and when ideas we thought we wanted didn't work, he worked with us to come up with new ones.  We ended up with a 3 piece sectional that fits our space perfectly.  The price was very reasonable.  I am sure half of what we would have paid at Restoration Hardware or Pottery Barn.  The teenager is out of her room and hanging out with us.  The man of the house can't stop talking about how much he loves this couch.  It was delivered 2 weeks after we ordered it and there is no gas off or chemical smell.  I will be recommending Sofa Creations and Devon to everyone!

M. C.  Petaluma, CA

My new Sofa from Sofa Creations- created by me :-) - is awesome!

Devon, who assisted me in the San Rafael store, was incredible-- he was helpful and patient.
So many choices- length, width, fabric, arm shape, and on and on- so you really do get to create the ideal sofa of your choice.   Our Shiba-Inu loves the chaise part of the couch and Luna, the cat, is still trying to find a way to be allowed couch privileges-lol

Seriously, I shopped around and this was the best all around-- customer service from Devon, options, quality and quick turnaround. 

Thank you Sofa Creations and Devon!

Kevin M.  Mill Valley, CA

We had a great experience buying our sofa at Sofa Creations.  We had been to several other furniture stores in the Bay Area, and did some on-line shopping, as well.  After seeing the great reviews on Yelp, we went to the Sofa Creations in San Rafael.  We dealt with Devon during our shopping/buying experience.  He proved to be knowledgable, low-pressured, and attentive.  We we're blown away by his honesty, when he called to tell us that they accidentally overcharged us, on the fabric of our choice, and gave us a nice additional discount.  The sofa arrived when they said it would, and we were very happy with the quality of sofa.  We should've went there first, would've have saved us multiple weekends of shopping around at other inferior furniture stores.

Douglas F.  Tiburon, CA

Sofa Creations stands behind their product. When an issue with material happened, Devon and Sofa Creations corrected the issue quickly. 
We are happy with the quality service throughout the sofa purchase process. We received regular email and phone call communication to ensure we were properly communicated with.
I highly recommend Sofa Creations for your Sofa needs.

Veronica L.  Rohnert Park, CA

I searched everywhere for the perfect couch with no decent prospects. It was so frustrating until a friend suggested I check out Sofa Creations. I wasn't excited about driving down to San Rafael, but my attitude changed almost as soon as I walked in the door. This store is amazing. The manager, Devon, was helpful without being pushy or intrusive. He explained how it worked and gave me the freedom to sit on the sofas and peruse the many fabric choices. I love this place. I love it so much I tell others about it. Why waste time shopping for a couch that's just ok?  You can get exactly what you want at Sofa Creations. There's absolutely no pressure from Devon.  I wish all shopping experiences could be like this.