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Recliner Sofas

Can’t decide between investing in a chaise lounge or a new recliner chair? Come check out our recliner sofas! We’ve got dozens of styles, all crafted in North America. Whether you’re looking for a 2-seater or 3-seater, mid-century or modern, or debating between power and manual, you’ll find something you love here. Our recliner sofas only need a few inches of space away from the wall, and come in a wide variety of leather and cloth covers to ensure the sofa will fit well in your home.

  • Our mechanism selection covers the entire range of function with 8 different mechanism choices to offer you the ultimate choice in reclining comfort.
  • Each frame is manufactured with hardwood and engineered wood products with all critical structural joints, fastened and glued. This provides uniformity, versatility, extra strength and durability.
  • Seats are made from high resiliency foam, with a blown fiber back. This gives superior durability and stability with longevity and comfort.
  • Over 100 leather and 200 fabric options available to give you a wide selection of color choices.
  • Hidden recline controls offered in both manual and touch power. Activator switches are conveniently placed on the right side between the cushion and the arm so that the recliners maintain a sleek and clean appearance.
  • Endless styles and limitless covers to choose from. From traditional plush styling to more contemporary designs, our broad choice will satisfy every customer.
  • No need for unsightly cords running across the floor. Rechargeable battery packs are available for power operation. With the rechargeable battery pack, the recliners can be placed openly in a room, with the backs clean and free of cords.