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Have you moved into a new studio and are having trouble finding something the perfect size for your new home? Are you just finishing a remodel and need new furniture for your brand new living room? We can create custom sectionals that will fit in your home perfectly, whether you want a comfortable place for you and your spouse to lounge or need ample room to entertain. Any of our styles can be crafted into a sectional where you specify the dimensions you need, right down to the inch. Just let us know what configuration you want, what style you want, and pick from any of our hundreds of fabrics, and we’ll deliver it to you in two weeks!

Name: Angel$2299 Price: 

Name: Benson$2899 Price: 

Name: Carson$2499 Price: 

Name: Dante$2399 Price: 

Name: Dante 2$2499 Price: 

Name: Dante 3$2199 Price: 

Name: Davis$2299 Price: 

Name: Kent$2199 Price: 

Name: Kent 2$2399 Price: 

Name: Kenya$3499 Price: 

Name: King Kong$2499 Price: 

Name: London$2749 Price: 

Name: MD$3799 Price: 

Name: Ollini$2499 Price: 

Name: Ollini with Movable Chaise$1599 Price: 
  • Sectionals are made to any length down to the inch so you can have the perfect fit.
  • Any sofa from the fabrics sofa page can be made into a sectional.
  • Any model can be made in any configuration you see above and even more. Basically once you pick a model, then you can pick the configuration, then the measurements. It’s that easy.
  • Only a 1-2 week turnaround time so you aren’t waiting months for your new sofa.
  • Sectionals come with a seven year warranty so you are completely covered if there is a
  • Many options in seat firmness so you can enjoy your sofa at your comfort level.
  • Many fabrics options so you can make sure you get the best color to match the room.
  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff who will assist in the whole process in designing your new
  • sofa to make sure you get exactly what you want.